Graduate Students

PhD Students

PhD Student, Irvis Fellow
The intersection of dialect, race, and the US Legal System
PhD Student, Quechua Instructor
Ethnolinguistic vitality of Quechua
PhD Student
Sociolinguistics, Modern Greek dialects, language and identity,... more
PhD Student
Sociophonetics, language ideologies, documentation & description... more
PhD Student
L2 speech perception, speech production, phonetics & phonology;... more
PhD Student, Mellon Fellow
Lexical diversity, corpus linguistics, approaches and methods in... more
PhD Student
Second language acquisition of Spanish, speech perception,... more
PhD Student
Sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, language & gender/sexuality... more
PhD Student
Syntax, information structure, language variation and change,... more
PhD Student
Hispanic Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Spanish and Catalan in... more
PhD Student, Lawler Fellow
Morphosyntactic variation; acquisition of variable past time... more
PhD Student
Sociolinguistics, Contact Linguistics, Historical Linguistics,... more

MA/TESOL Students

Tynisha Brice
Amanda Bublinec
Elena Cimino
Theresa English
Zachary Lukes
Kody Messner
Rebecca Strong
Alexandra Szczupak
Christine Van Poolen
Kimberlee White
Tong Zhao